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Excavating – Cresson, PA

Here in Cresson, we were called out to a home site with outdated sewer lines that needed upgrading to be in compliance with the sale of the home. Sump pumps were added to remove the water from underneath the basement slab and both the water lines and sewer lines were replaced.

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Forestry Mulching – State College, PA

A client called us out to State College to mulch about 3-4 acres of land that they were going to subdivide and sell. By the time we left he added on about 2-3 more acres of land which made a world of difference in the overall appearance.

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Forestry Mulching – Portage, PA

Here in Portage PA, we were asked to come out and clear a small area of land for an individual that wanted more space on his property.

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Forestry Mulching – Indiana, PA

Here in Indiana, we were asked to come in and clear out a leased area that was used as a Christmas tree farm.

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Forestry Mulching – Chambersburg, PA

Here in Chambersburg, we were asked to clear out a lot of the unwanted greenery that grew up over the years around some commercial building lots.

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Forestry Mulching – Lilly, PA

Here in Lilly, we were asked to take down some trees and different shrubs to clear out a small area for the landowner. We installed a culvert drain to relieve some of the rainwater that would collect up and added a driveway and parking lot near the garage.

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