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Forestry Mulching – Indiana, PA

Here in Indiana, we were asked to come in and clear out a leased area that was used as a Christmas tree farm.

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Forestry Mulching – Chambersburg, PA

Here in Chambersburg, we were asked to clear out a lot of the unwanted greenery that grew up over the years around some commercial building lots.

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Forestry Mulching – Lilly, PA

Here in Lilly, we were asked to take down some trees and different shrubs to clear out a small area for the landowner. We installed a culvert drain to relieve some of the rainwater that would collect up and added a driveway and parking lot near the garage.

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Excavating – Johnstown, PA

Here in Johnstown, the owner of a few storage units called us to clear/mulch some overground areas and excavate around the building to provide an access point to the rear of the buildings. Through the years, there was enough water run off to damage the foundation of the building and we needed to get in there to fix it.

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Forestry Mulching – Duncansville, PA

Here in Duncansville PA, there were about 4 acres of land that were overgrown and needed to be cleared in order for it to be used.

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Forestry Mulching – Pinecroft, PA

Here in Pinecroft PA, we were asked to clear out a bunch of unwanted vegetation that grew up inside of a retention pond and its surrounding areas.

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