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Here in Johnstown, the owner of a few storage units called us to clear/mulch some overground areas and excavate around the building to provide an access point to the rear of the buildings. Through the years, there was enough water run off to damage the foundation of the building and we needed to get in there to fix it.


The owner of these storage units located in Johnstown reached out and asked if we could come in and clear out some of the unwanted vegetation, provide an accessible way to the rear of the buildings because there have been years of water running off of the hill behind that it left water damage to the foundation. We installed a French drain to prevent future damage to the building and added a retaining wall so there was permanent access to that area and so the area would be protected from future weather threats. Weber Property Services do not stop at just excavation and mulching, to get this job done we had to carry the retaining wall blocks in tight areas where our machines would not fit and left it looking better than ever.

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