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Here in Portage, we were called in to clear part of a Right of Way that was overgrown. A third of the area was wet with standing water and the rest contained thick brush and an array of trees that needed to be cleared to make a 20-foot lane.

Video in Action


We were called to Portage, PA to clear a Right of Way that had areas that were overgrown. The maintenance caretaker cleared areas to reach the manholes on the property but wanted a 20-foot lane cleared on the Right of Way to open it up. The land had an excess of vegetation, large trees, and an area with standing water that made it difficult to clear by hand.  We went in with our CMI and cleared the dry area leaving a layer of mulch behind. With the rest of it being so wet, we had to bring in our Caterpillar Excavator with a Cimaf mulching head so we could leave less of a footprint and not tear up the area. The end result left the area will a clear path between and around the manholes and room to work if there should ever be an emergency.

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