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Here in Petersburg, We were working with a landowner that wanted a few acres cleared. A few years ago, a tornado came through Huntingdon county and blew down a bunch of trees leaving them and a lot of debris behind.

Video in Action

We were working with a landowner here in Petersburg that had a few acres of land that he wanted cleared around his home. The space was overgrown with a variety of pines and other invasive species. So many of the trees were blown down because of a tornado that came through a few years back and left fallen trees and a lot of debris which made it hard to make it through the area. The land owners chose to keep most of the hardwood trees, and we were able to come in with our dedicated forestry mulcher and grind up everything else. As the project was finishing up, I got to speak to the land owner’s wife and she said she had a vision for the area and we were able to fulfill it.

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