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Here in Cresson, we were called out to a home site with outdated sewer lines that needed upgrading to be in compliance with the sale of the home. Sump pumps were added to remove the water from underneath the basement slab and both the water lines and sewer lines were replaced.

Project Video


This particular home site needed a bit of work done to it before the homeowner could sell. The home had existing water problems and the terracotta sewer lines needed to be replaced to stop the water from seeping into the line. The water lines were also corroded and needed replaced to stop any leaking. The guys cut the concrete in the basement to lay new pipes and add sump pumps to the inside. They excavated a 6-foot trench where the water and sewer lines were outside, replaced them, backfilled and bedded the pipe with gravel and dirt. We finished with a layer of grass seed topped with straw for the grass to grow back. 

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