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A client called us out to State College to mulch about 3-4 acres of land that they were going to subdivide and sell. By the time we left he added on about 2-3 more acres of land which made a world of difference in the overall appearance.


We were called out to State College, PA in February for a property owner who wanted a few acres of land mulched to get ready to subdivide and sell. He lived out of state so worked with his brother-in-law to map the area out and clear the area. Working around the snow, rain, and ice, we managed to clear all the areas that were marked out for us. The first area included a wire fence that needed to be removed and was overtaken by plants and trees. A lot of the larger trees were cut down and hauled out to be processed for firewood.  As we were clearing, the owners decided they wanted to add on a few acres of land to be cleaned up as well, so what was a small job ended up turning into a pretty large forestry mulching job.

Video in Action

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